Nearly a Century of Protecting your Intellectual Property Rights


Levisohn Berger was originally founded in the early 1930’s.  We have provided legal advice on all aspects of intellectual property law.  We represent a wide range of businesses ranging from founder-principal businesses and individuals to large companies.  As a result, we interface directly with those responsible for making not only legal, but business decisions, as well.


We find that all appreciate our hands-on business-sensitive approach and our thinking-out-of-the-box problem solving.  We are excellent at resolving contentious matters, and we have also successfully litigated against law firms of all sizes.


Our clients' businesses run a broad gamut of technologies, including, for example, medical devices, computer hardware and software, jewelry and manufacturing processes, consumer products, giftware, commercial HVAC system and mechanical devices and money management systems.


In addition, we have developed a practice in Education Law to provide quality service and representation on educational matters.  As legal advocates, we work to ensure that your children receive proper educational services.  We also work with educational and recreational organizations when they need legal services.


We work with several lawyers listed below as of counsel.  We also work with David Cowan to offer independent services through inch-inc., a skilled and experienced product development firm, to assist our clients in executing product ideas from concept to manufacture.


You can access the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's website and find patents spanning a wide range of technologies based on applications prepared and prosecuted into issued patents by our firm. You can view a listing of some of the patents we have obtained, as well as a listing of some of our litigated cases.


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